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What is Debunking Economics?

Debunking Economics is a subscription site hosted by famed economist Steve Keen.

What do I get when I subscribe?

You get exclusive audio-visual presentations, discussions and interviews about the contemporary economic scene, from one of the foremost economists working today.

This content and analysis cannot be found anywhere else—content and analysis produced exclusively for subscribers of Debunking Economics.

You will also get access to exclusive interactive web seminars and subscriber-only Q&A sessions. As a subscriber, you will be able to ask Steve your questions directly and in person—all when you join.

You also get a free e-copy of Steve’s book Debunking Economics (retail price: $25.44)—free, as part of your subscription.

How do I watch and listen to his presentations?

You can watch of listen to them right on the site—no muss, no fuss. Or if you prefer, you can download them and watch or listen to them on your iPod or your favorite MP3 player.

That’s the beauty of the digital format—you can enjoy Steve’s presentations when you want, where you want.

Does Steve bring on any guests?

Absolutely—every couple of weeks or so, Steve will be bringing you guests to discuss what’s going on in the global economy. And not just anyone—big names from the public and private sector will be joining Steve to talk about what matters to you: The direction of the global economy; the pitfalls and problems that are arising; the effects of policy on the global markets.

Does Steve take questions?

Absolutely: Steve takes subscriber questions, and answers them on the site. Just drop a note to

But these are just written questions—if you want to talk to Steve, you can do so at the SK-Q&A.

What’s the SK-Q&A?

Every month or so, Steve goes live via web seminar.

Only subscribers can participate in these web seminars—and when you do, you get to ask on-the-air questions to Steve.

Can I comment on the site?

Of course: Every post and presentation has a comment section, where you can start a discussion, or join one that’s already in progress.

Because Debunking Economics is a subscription site, there are no trolls or spammers to annoy and harass you. Instead, you get interested people who genuinely want to learn more about the global economy.

Are comments purged or vetted?

So long as a comment is not blatantly obscene—or blatant advertising—members can say and do whatever they like.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Whenever you like. Just go to your Account settings and cancel at any time. You can also change your billing and other information with just a click of a mouse.

What if I have a problem logging in?

Contact, and we’ll straighten it out for you.

Finally, is Steve related to Crocodile Dundee?